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This 160x160 px banner is for rent!


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Date added: 24-01-2016

Small Lake Cabin South of DFW At Lake Whitney

Category: For Rent - Vacation Homes

Bring me your cash offers Bring me your trade offers Bring me your half-down and owner finance the balance offers (Yes I ll NOW take 60% down and finance the balance INEREST FREE )UPDATED PICTURES from October 28 2015 Very Small House AKA a small cabin. Suitable for living off the grid I m selling it for 75 per square foot I just looked got an estimate value of about 60 000. So the price is a make it go away price and gives you plenty of room for upgrades fix ups and the like It s a great price for a great location and a sweet cabin Small solar power system being installed w 470 watts of solar panels and 1500 watt inverter Just got my tax bill for the year ( I said FOR THE WHOLE YEAR ). It s 45 and some change. Less than 46.00 for a year of property taxes to the county. And it s not homesteaded or old-age discounted WOW I ll dig up the school taxes too and update the total for ya. Last years was around a 100 bucks total.The price in general the taxes and the small size can let you live more simply and more affordably living lighter on the planet We need more places like this Hurry and get this one today No one has lived in this cabin for over 30 years. I bought it over 10 years ago when I lived next door and used it for storage and have just piddled with it. I am leaving area and want to sell it to someone who wants to finish it out and enjoy it for their next adventure. Lake Whitney is a rare lake that does not allow houses to be built down to the water. The Corps of Engineers retains the land around the lake so it has a wilderness appeal and has kept big developers at bay Refreshing and quiet lake to hang out on When you get to the cabin look at your GPS and you ll see the peninsula you are on and how close the lake is all around you Note The Craigslist map is not correct for the location but it is pretty close.My Small Cabin at Lake Whitney is in an older established lake community. 100 yards to a secluded deep lakeside canyon in a quiet cove of Lake Whitney. Lot is 25 wide by 100 deep. Renovation has started. Needs finishing to suit your tastes. Heavily treed lot. Concrete slab Steel roof Tongue-in-Groove Pine inside Open ceiling Parking for a couple of cars and a boat or maybe your motorhome Quiet location in the last block going out a peninsula at Lake Whitney. Handyman special or bring your own crew Needs renovation outside and inside Needs new breaker box for electrical service (if you want to be on the grid) needs new water line to the NEW water meter that cost a bundle to put in and it needs some finishing inside. I am about done with painting the front porch area. Window trim has been updated with fresh paint.The bedroom with a vaulted ceiling goes across the entire back side of the cabin so it could be made into 2 smaller loft-bed bedrooms pretty easily. Has a small metal storage shed in back yard... possible hen house Quiet neighborhood off the main roads. Road is paved all the way I park my Toyota Tundra AND our Casita 17 travel trailer on one side of the driveway. There is room on the other side for 2 more F-150 s or a boat and another car or 2 cars Room on the street for more. So bring your junk and park it at the lake cabin and save on storage fees I just posted all new pics taken this week October 26 - 28. Hard to find a good structure with land that costs less than a good used car. The cozy front porch stretches across the front of the cabin and makes it look more classic cabin-esque and gives it a more rustic-looking appeal.Since it s been sitting quietly for all these years it s in need of some work. It was originally hooked up to a long-since-defunct water-well next door. Never been on a water service although it does have a new water meter installed So it is ready to hook up to local utility water service Projects I ll be finishing up in the next month include 1. Make a new back screen door (Measurements done will make it this week and install next week.) 2. (Done 10 26 15) Build a patio out back see pictures 3. (Done ) Trim back overgrown cedars but keep the wilderness look and feel 4. (Done ) Clean roof and gutters 5. (About 2 3 done it s a small cabin ) Finish cleaning up interior and paint where needed 6. Put new ceiling paneling in bedroom s insulated ceiling (Got corrugated steel roofing to give rustic ceiling look. TBD Next week (First week of November ) 7. Run a Pex line from the new water meter to the cabin (Trench is mostly dug already ) May reconnect the cabin to the water line (Note bathroom and kitchen plumbing is all located within about 8 feet of each other on the same wall with fairly easy access). Bathroom plumbing is all in just needs a hook-up hose from the valve to the toilet sink and shower are hooked up. Kitchen sink needs to be plumbed in and the drain hooked up. Water heater needs to be hooked up too. 9. (Done ) Have purchased a 500 watt array of solar panels (Done ) 2 solar controllers (DONE ) bought a new battery and have a small inverter to run the cabin off the grid (planning to put in a bigger inverter soon) on solar power Of course you can hook the cabin up to the grid if you want Inverter I bought was bad... am sending it back for a new one.10. (DONE ) Patch the front porch cement. 11. (DONE Well need one more coat on the ceiling ) Paint the front porch. 12. (DONE ) Put fresh-cut cedar posts up on the 5 upright posts on the front porch. 13. (Done ) New backsplash on the kitchen sink area. Price got bumped up a bit to cover the expenses I ve incurred to fix it up Still CHEAP So come now and make me a great offer so you can do the finish work how you want it and I can go sailing at the Gulf Coast of Texas.The bedroom is about 21 wide and 8 - 10 feet deep and the ceiling is vaulted. So it looks large when you walk the two steps down into it Yes it s split level I already took off the cheapo ugly ceiling tiles. and plan to put rustic corrugated steel roofing panels (just like the ones on the roof now ) in its place unless you have a better plan... I have new (New to me but actually used but quite nice ) kitchen sink and counters installed. It provides a bunch more counter space in the small kitchenette area. I plan to put the water line in between the meter and the house and install the new water heater that is already onsite (Or you can mount a roof-top solar water heater ). The trench is already mostly dug so I just need to lay it in and attach it. Also may go ahead and update the meter box breaker box if I don t go solar. But since I already have the solar panels will probably go the route of a small solar off-the-grid system. The trees keep the cabin quite cool in the summer heat blocking the late-afternoon and evening sun. A small window unit (if you go ON the grid) or a couple of fans (run on the solar array) will keep the cabin cool with little cost or effort.With all my work on the cabin I raised the price a bit. I plan to be finished by the end of November (which by the way I work means sometime in December ). So save yourself time and effort yet spend a bit more if you buy it later (if somebody else doesn t buy it first ). Or save a bunch of money and do the work yourself. Your choice.I already pulled out all the old junk (er uh high-quality storage items) from the cabin. The front yard right now has all that piled up neatly to be hauled off next week when I take delivery of my new used 5 x 10 trailer. Apologies for the mess. By the way my next door neighbor is in the process of a major renovation too. so right now it looks like a real project zone. But the cabin is right next to a lovely resort area that is quiet and nicely maintained.I have decorated the yard with cedar logs giving it a rustic look and feel (see pics ). It has an old-style sewage system like a septic tank without any leach lines so it s not set up for heavy use. One or two people using it as a second home. Full time living for 2 or more people would likely overload the system and you d be having to have it pumped out frequently. For heavier use you might could add leach lines or an aerobic system to it or otherwise upgrade it. But it s easy to access for pumping if need be. Note I have not used the system so don t know it s actual capacities... but it apparently works.Lake Whitney is about 90 minutes south of Dallas down I-35 (you turn west at Hillsboro for the final 20 minutes) It s closer from Fort Worth via Cleburne & the new Toll Road The cabin is about 35 minutes north of Waco up FM 933. Lake Whitney is a large secluded reservoir with loads of coves and beaches for fishing boating swimming camping kayaking canoeing hanging out and every sort of water sport you can imagine There are several large campgrounds and parks to insure plenty of lake access. It s a quiet and undiscovered water world and is rarely ever crowed Shhhh don t tell anybody Might consider trades for part or all motorcycle a cruising sailboat or . Please be realistic on values. I will try to do the same. Since I m moving out of the area I will now offer owner financing with 60% down If you can t do that please check with your bank friends and family for a benefactor willing to do that for you. Thanks.I own the property free and clear and have a deed ready to file for you Feel free to look and make an offer If you feel it s a fair offer I ll give it consideration. I will give you respect for your perspectives and attempt to work it out to everyone s mutual benefit.First cash buyer gets it Simple. No PayPal No Wire Transfers Scammers need not apply.Thanks for looking at my ad. Good luck finding the lake cabin or very small home you seek even if it isn t mine Please call text or email me to arrange a time to come and see the cabin (Bring your tools and you can help me work on it... just kidding... sort of - ).(Yes I am a writer if you couldn t tell by my prolific verbiage here.) I want prospective buyers to have as realistic picture of the cabin as possible to save us all time in the process. Please call text or email me questions and I will be happy to answer.
Seller: Jim Beerstecher Send message to the advertiser!
Price: 36.750 USD (US Dollar) convert »
Location: UNITED STATES, Richardson Map - UNITED STATES, Richardson

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