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This 160x160 px banner is for rent!


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Date added: 31-01-2016

&bullComplete Stucco Drywall Repair Services Licensed Painting

Category: Construction & Remodeling

Painting and Decorating CONTRACTORS of CA. (PDCCA) Contractors License 849520 (est. 2004) Contact (858)373-7815 Complete drywall repair services. Complete stucco repair services. Complete interior painting services. Complete exterior painting services. Complete Residential painting services. Complete Commercial painting services. FREE ESTIMATES FREE COLOR SAMPLES COLOR MATCHING SERVICING ALL OF SAN DIEGO PROPERTY OWNERS WELCOME MANY DISCOUNT S AVAILABLE COMPLETE INTERIOR EXTERIOR HOME REPAIR SERVICES Weatherization services Weatherproofing Waterproofing ( Keeps your home from being damaged from water damage or even worse black molds. Keeps out unwanted roaches bugs damaging termites and venomous spiders from entering through cracks or holes in the outside of your home through damaged walls and windows in addition to keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter). Consists of repairing every crack and hole around your homes structure stucco repair drywall repair wood repair to your home before applying primer and paint. Your home will be free from worry. 1. Drywall Plaster Repair Services (repairing small impressions to patching holes in the wall). Patch sand primer and paint to all damaged areas of drywall walls. 2. Stucco Repair Services (repairing cracking chipping to re-forming to surface surroundings). Fill Patch primer and paint to all stucco walls of which are damaged. 3. Wood Repair Services include closing all exposed open wood seams & wood joints at trim by caulking in all seams and wood joints at interior exterior wood trim. All painting jobs will have masking tape plastic paper applied before applying any repair work next after all preparation and repair work is done finish paint coatings will then be applied to each surface contracted. Clean jobsites are maintained at all times. Quality workmanship will be maintained at all times. COMPLETE INTERIOR HOME PAINTING SERVICES 1. Family Rooms 2. Kitchens 3. Pantries 4. Hallways 5. Bedrooms Offices 6. Ceiling s 7. Crown Moldings 8. Interior Walls (DRYWALL REPAIR SERVICES AVAILABLE) Accent walls available too. 9. Wood Doors 10. Wood Door Frames 11. Wood Baseboards 12. Bathrooms 13. Closets 14. Lofts 15. Stairway Guardrails 16. Garage Floors 17. Wall paper removal applications 18. Popcorn removal painting at ceilings 19. Wood staining varnishing 20. Kitchen Cabinets COMPLETE EXTERIOR HOME PAINTING SERVICES 1. Pressure washing 2. Stucco Walls (STUCCO REPAIR SERVICES AVAILABLE) 3. Wood Overhangs Eaves 4. Exterior windows 5. Wood Trim Wood Fascia 6. Wood Doors 7. Wood Door Frames 8. Concrete Walkways Driveway (Sealer) 9. Wood Decks 10. Wood Lattice 11. Metal Gates 12. Metal Wood Garage Doors 13. Wood Fences 14. Block Walls 15. Railings 16. Patio Furniture 17. Siding 18. Wood staining varnishing OTHER COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES WE OFFER 1. Power wash Hydro Washing (cleaning the dirt and grim off of driveways too) 2. Epoxy Sealer floor coatings 3. Accent Walls 4. Faux finish 5. Custom Painting Services Available 6. Providing a wide range of color samples 7. Providing paints and materials 8. Delivery of paints and materials 9. Delivery of painting services 10. Written estimates 11. Written contract agreements 12. HOA related painting services 13. Night shifts for active businesses 14. Weekend shifts 15. Small scale paint jobs ( no job is too small ) 16. Large scale paint jobs ( no job is too large ) 17. Woodworks (painting staining varnishing) services also available 18. Two tone walls 19. Custom painted lines banners striping (chalk line tape and coat for clean edges) 20. Custom paint coatings (Specially designed UV protective coatings fire proof coatings things of that nature) available. Note These types of coatings are very expensive but worth every penny if you intend not to paint for many years (lifetime warranty paints) 21. Safety non-slip floor coatings (sand mixed with floor coating to ensure maximum traction) 22. Safety coatings (Osha yellows reds blues) 23. More services available upon request 24. Painter Painters for your painting needs. 25. Licensed Painting Contractor for your painting needs. Painting estimates for painting services can either be with labor and materials or just labor only whichever you prefer just specify your preference when calling for an estimate. To give some insight labor only means you purchase any necessary paints and materials for the project to be painted ahead of time before the start date our labor charge for painting services is the actual agreement that will apply making for our contract if hired. If you have any questions or requests for painting services contact us at the number below. Painting and Decorating CONTRACTORS of CA. (PDCCA) (858)373-7815 Contractors License No. 849520 11 years business experience 20 years painting experience PLEASE DO NOT CALL FOR ANY over the phone estimate ballpark estimate verbal estimate obtaining an estimate to compare to an unlicensed painter s or handymen soliciting requesting a verbal contract for painting services or things of that nature. Simply do not call and waste my time and or yours. SERIOUS CUSTOMERS ONLY. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE POTENTIAL CUSTOMER CALLING SHOULD BE PRIMARILY BE INTERESTED IN A WRITTEN ESTIMATE FOR PAINTING SERVICES TO THEIR PROPERTY OR A WRITTEN CONTRACT AGREEMENT FOR PAINTING SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED TO THEIR PROPERTY THROUGH A SIGNED AGREEMENT OF ALL PARTIES AFTER AN APPROVAL OF THE WRITTEN ESTIMATE FOR PAINTING SERVICES TO THEIR PROPERTY. WRITTEN ESTIMATES ONLY AND WRITTEN CONTRACT AGREEMENTS ONLY. KEY WORDS LIST guest office works interior exterior work equipped decorate decorating safety surfaces flat rate tools equipment truck hallways bedroom driveway painting kitchen pantry masking patch handyman excellent painter guest painters available availability rust replacement communication restoration pantry laundry installation installations install installs baseboards exterior work hydrowashing paint colors construction best deal cities local jobsite bids proposal proposals mix supplies inspections team teams fix wood overhang affordable safe drug free day shift swing shift bathroom mixing journeyman painters construct housepainter patching compound enclosure quote garage baseboards available metal gate metal gates moldings tools yard outdoor indoor paint contact home painting small large blueprint rooms exercise room UV damage modern finishing 24 hours powerwash waterproof removal siding metal wood protect simple basic lights tile wood lattice surface surfaces exercise reliable worker venetian price hourly wage wages rate epoxy floor floors flooring handy man handymen specialty wood fascia s concrete walkway expert metal demo insurance offices commercial business closet closets stairway guardrails sealer cement wood overhang repair plaster good primer prime surface walls hourly wage wood garden materials sealers office offices ceiling ceiling s crown molding estimate offices journeyman painters reconstruction reconstruct free construct toner toners metal garage wallpapering free discount discounted frames substrates crown moldings refinish restored stains stairway guardrails indoor paint color construction work jobs mold molds housepainter closet garage floor offices surfaces substrate quote quotes wood garage door journeyman painters bathrooms renovation wood door frames treatment garage floors condominiums fence fences kitchen protective metal crown molding indoor weatherproof Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday construct stairway guardrail quotes estimate estimates covering holes clean appearance office journeyman painters journeymen painters molding teams fix information patching semi-gloss stucco materials hydro wash flood cracking garage floor wood lattices mix metal garage metal garages caulking door drywall better affordable bedrooms custom paint wood trim bedroom bedrooms inspection inspections team material clean appearance reliable on-time wood baseboard structure time wood deck Scripps Ranch wood garage door bathroom demolish skill skilled repair hour better affordable wood lattice tile glass wood doors eggshell coatings hallway brush roll roller custom paints materials power wash substrate business company painter great customer wood trims pintur preparation UV damage custom painting sanding South West protective coatings add addition sheetrock drywall power washing wood decks pintura punctual on time coverings wallcovering emergency painting services jobs waterproofing weatherization customer service water HOA crown molding skilled caulked hallway jobsites bathroom building remodel material materials d cor substrates wood deck safety treatment treatments journeymen painters remodel wood decks bid premium remodels premium communication plans North services service wood garage doors glass demolition mask masking scrape plastic sand hour great wallpapering help wash prep prepare decorate decorating light bedroom bedrooms master fix punctual fast clean stairway guardrail finish finishing living room attic metal gates wood fascia stucco walls block wall office gates certified qualified stain small large job budget renovate cement moldings baseboards stucco improve block walls closets stains hydro washing hydrowash paint color wood baseboard prime wood door frame bedrooms concrete walkways outdoor bathrooms doors frame ceilings excellent works substrate quote loft lofts family room windows clean cleaning wash hardwood floors quality premium wood baseboards replacements fire damage insurance improvement overhang overhangs stucco transportation remodeled driveways Patios certification metal garages fencing washing service restoration pantry laundry room house wallpaper repairs home house worksite services accent wall finish safe wood doors wood door frame wood door frames proposal wood door paint sprayer work garage floors wood baseboards family rooms kitchens water damage weatherproofing hole ladders paint colors gloss wood lattices loft lofts price wood overhangs journeyman painter structure claim stain gate wood garage doors driveway molds repairing journeymen painters County San Diego SD estimates covering worker window garage floor garage floors rates decking powerwashing bids design designs special sale wages haul caulked demolition overhang City wood overhangs hire job ceiling laundry ceiling ceiling s dry rot Patios wall molding inspection wood trim finishing specialty small large real estate Patio efficient honest workplace workplaces closets patching compound equipment metal gate sealer number rate commercial stairway guardrail treatments master competitive damage damages outdoor Sunday patch replace reference references pantry pantries communication hallway garage painter accent walls fixer masonry concrete granite equipment truck vehicle proposals realty punctual clean plan scrape timely wood fence wood fences rooms mold condo business patching service move tools driveways paneling claim professional skilled paint samples sealers stucco wall skills patio entire deck paints wood fascia s concrete walkway call room exercise wood baseboards paper papers experienced drywall stucco residential worksites sensible bathrooms refinish refinishing re-finish re-finishing lofts stucco wall wallpaper creditable painter construct bathroom mixing matching experience references improvement improvements faux finish scraping patch certifications top rated texture journeymen painters professional Patio demo garage texture venetian enclosure texture paint blueprints trim base wood trim closet faux finish faux finishing stucco wall journeyman painter fixer safe expert flat matte ladder painting room rooms services sealers water rot finish painting upper remodeled labor mask quotes estimate estimates spray residential caulk wood fascia service caulking stucco surface exterior stucco walls demolish communications masonry concrete wood trims closet kitchen damage matching toner toners bid yard light lights closets loft windows wood trim friendly knowledgeable quality coating building buildings communications epoxy floor flooring preparation application damages family room garden cracks night shift ceiling ceilings wall construction restorations interior East crown moldings plaster backer board communications stairway guardrails interior improvement improvements faux finish finish finishing bath plastic tape paint sample sealant wood door equipped restorations caulk bathroom water flood fire overhangs custom painting services available.
Seller: Painting and Decorating CONTRACTORS of CA. (PDCCA) Send message to the advertiser!

Location: UNITED STATES, San Diego Map - UNITED STATES, San Diego

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