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This 160x160 px banner is for rent!


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Date added: 08-07-2013

Playboy energy drink needs distributors

Category: Food and Beverage

The Two Most Important Ingredients in the Successful Launch are: QUALITY AND BRANDING. http:/ / pbbunnyjuice https:/ / pages/ Playboy-Energy-Drink-Boston/ 575777995806306?ref=hl Energy Drinks are a $$Billion Dollars Industry. 70 MILLION ENERGY DRINKS ARE SOLD IN THE US EVERYDAY. . . . . . . .YES, 70 MILLION A DAY!!!!!!!! THE DEMAND IS THERE NOW WE NEED YOU TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!!! We ve Got The Quality. . .and not to mention the BRAND RECOGNITION!!! Who s Never Heard of Playboy? Wow! What A Combination! This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Don t second guess yourself. This is Your Chance to Be On Ground Floor. . Establish an account with a bar, restaurant, night club, store. . .whatever or wherever and get a piece of every can they sell FOREVER!!!!!! 4 WAYS TO BE PAID LARGE COMMISSIONS AND A MONTHLY RESIDUAL FROM ALL PREVIOUSLY ESTABLISHED ACCOUNTS WITHOUT EVEN RECRUITING. BUT IMAGINE BUILDING A TEAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . EARN OFF OF YOUR TEAM OF AFFILIATES SELLING TO RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS BUT ALSO BUILD YOUR OWN TEAM OF PLAYBOY ENERGY GIRLS!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE A FEW HOT FRIENDS PAY THEM 10.00 AN HOUR AND U SUPPLY THE DRINK AND MARKUP IS 300% PER CAN, U EARN THE MARKUP PROFIT AND THEY EARN HUGE TIPS AND AN HRLY WAGE!!! MY PLAYBOY ENERGY GIRLS SELL ABOUT 10 CASES ON AN GIVEN BEACH DAY!! Playboy Energy Drinks. What a huge opportunity. Say Goodbye to Red Bull and welcome a healthier, tastier Energy Drink. Sell to Bars, Clubs, Gyms, restaurants and anyone else that sells beverages!! 70 Million Energy Drinks are sold every day in the United States alone so WHY wouldn t you want to be part of that industry. Imagine having a piece of Redbull back in the day, how much do u think you would be making now from it???? Remember: Several years ago Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 ppl to his dorm room at Harvard to hear about a business opportunity which would become Facebook. 2 showed up, they ARE millionaires today. . . . .the other 3 never showed and are now KICKING THEMSELVES IN THE ASS!!! Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor!!!!! Don t have any regrets!!!!! Join today and become the FIRST distributor in your local area, this chance will only happen once!!!!! We just launched on June 1st, under 300 distributors nationwide right now. BECOME A FOUNDING AFFILIATE TODAY! People signing up fast, BE THE FIRST TO CLAIM YOUR AREA!! more info & comp plan: SIGN UP HERE: http:/ / pbbunnyjuice WATCH THIS VIDEO: COMP VIDEO EXPLAINED: http:/ / w4WbMvYqx9Y FIRST CONF CALL EVER: http:/ / QhVsUM1IZno
Seller: Playboy Energy Drink Send message to the advertiser!
Telephone number: 978-408-1499
Website: Links showed only at featured ads.

Location: UNITED STATES, Las Vegas Map - UNITED STATES, Las Vegas

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