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Suggest Advertigo to your friends via email or any other methods! If one of your friends makes a featured ad transaction - for $20 / 12 months - we send You back the 20% of the fee. $4 / transaction!

Why it is good for you?
- You can work in your freetime and be the part of our international business. There is no income limit! We send you the fee after every transaction.

How it works? Steps:
1. You suggest to your friend.
2. Your friend sends the featured ad transaction for $20.
3. We make his/her ad featured.
4. Your friend sends an email to You with the transaction ID.
5. You send the transaction ID and your email address where you want the commission ($4) to be sent to our email address:
6. We pay the $4 fee to You!

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We are seeking for local managers who help us promoting
If you have ad space please download our ad, print it and put it to your house, office, etc. send the photo of it to us by e-mail to 
We will promote Your business with the photo on this page!


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