Cook&rsquos Country - 2010

Local pick-up preferred but will ship at the buyer s expense.Kingston Books 15 IMG_7204RC Recipe Card (perforated and removable)IBC Inside Back CoverColor Illustrations2010 Recipe Index (in brief)AAgar agar ..3Agave nectar ..16Alfonso olives ..16All About ..29Allspice ..29Almond ..17Aluminum foil. See foilAmaranth ..16American Table ..11Amish (cooking) ..10-11Ancho chiles in New Mexican Pork Stew (Posole) ..22-23Anchovies crushing in olive press ..2Andouille ..16Angel food in Daffodil Cake ..IBCAntipasto Cheese Ball ..5Apple(s) ..RCArtichokes baby ..16Asian (cooking) ..RCAsparagus ..16Aspic Tomato.....32Avocado ..RCBBaby Artichokes ..16Baby Indian Eggplant ..16Bacon(y) ..RCBaked Beans Meaty ..23Baking dishes broiler-safe rating of ..28Baking powder ..3Baking sheets positioning parchment paper on ..2Baking soda ..3Banana(s) ..32Bangers ..16Barbecue(d) (BBQ) ..18-19Bar cookies ..9Barley pearl ..16Basil ..31BBQ New Orleans Cooking. See Barbecue(d) Beans(s) ..23Beef ..18-19Beef ..19Beef Pickled Eggs ..32Beverages ..15Biscuit cutters ..30Biscuits ..12-13Black (beans) ..29Blackberry ..9Blenders immersion ..2 BLT Pasta ..RCBlueberries in Patriotic Poke Cake ..IBCBourbon ..RCBratwurst ..16Bread See also Pancake(s) ..3Breakfast and brunch See also (Pancake(s) ..19Brining ..3Brisket Kansas City Barbecued ..18-19Broccoli ..23Broiler-safe baking dishes rating of ..28Broiling leaving the oven partially during ..3Brown Betty Peach ..22Brownies ..3Brown sugar ..16Buckwheat groats ..16Bulgur ..16Bundt pans greasing ..26-27Burgers ..RCButter(s) ..29Buttermilk ..29Butterscotch Sauce One Minute ..31CCabbage In Oklahoma Barbecue Relish ..9Cake(s) ..24-25Cake carriers ratings of ..25California Burgers ..RCCalzones Muffaletta ..RCCandy thermometers ..30Cane sugar natural ..16Cane syrup ..16Capicola-Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for a Crowd ..7Caramel ..32Caraway-Swiss Biscuits ..31Carbonara Loaded ..RCCaribbean (cooking) ..14Casseroles ..17Castelvetrano olives ..16Cat Head Biscuits ..12-13Cauliflower ..23Cerignola olives16Chantilly Potatoes.....10Charcoal ..30Cheddar cheese ..5Cheese(y) See also Cheddar cheese gruyere cheese Parmesan (cheese) Swiss cheese balls ..5Cheeseburgers ..17Cheesecakes ..24-25Cheesesteak subs Quick ..RCCherry ..17Chess pie ..26-27Chicken ..RCChiffon Cake ..24-25Chiles ..23-24Chili ..RCChimney starters ..30Chinese eggplant ..16Chinese-Style Barbecued Spareribs ..14-15Chipotle(s) ..RCChive-Cheddar Crispy Garlic Bread ..5Chocolate ..9Chorizo ..16Christmas Cookie Contest ..8-11Chutney-Smoked Turkey Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for a Crowd ..7Cider Spice Chiffon Cake ..25Cilantro ..31Cinnamon ..29Cloverleaf Rolls ..10Club Panini Smoked Turkey ..RCCobbler Apple Make-Ahead ..7Cocoa cutting openings in paper or foil covers from containers of ..2Coconut ..9Coffee ..2Coffee Cake Cherry-Almond ..17Coffee percolators as improvised wine coolers ..2Confectioners sugar ..16Contest Christmas Cookie ..8-11Cookie cutters decorating cakes with ..2Cookies ..9Cookie sheet liners silicone storing ..8Cooking for two ..5Cooling racks ..31Corn ..13Cornbread Stuffing and Chicken Bake ..RCCorn syrup ..16Country Captain Chicken ..12-13Crab (meat) ..13Cranberry ..RCCream Cheese-Orange Glaze ..IBCCr me fraiche ..29Croissant dough in Morning Buns ..26-27Croutons ..13Crusts ..IBCCuban-style Thin-Cut Pork Chops ..RCCucumber-Olive Salad ..RCCultured dairy all about ..29Cumin-Lime Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges ..10Cupcakes ..26-27Curry ..12-13DDaffodil Cake ..IBCDairy products cultured all about ..29Date- Coconut Rice Krispies Balls ..32Desserts and sweet snacks ..7Dessert sauces and toppings ..17Deviled Chicken ..14Deviled eggs gadgets and gear for ..31Dipping sauces ..21Dishes taken away from home ensuring return of ..2Dressings See also Stuffing s ..11Dried Fruit and Wild Rice Dressing ..11Dumplings Beef Stew with (Joe Booker Stew) ..8-9Dutch Baby ..18-19Dutch ovens ..30EEggnog Snickerdoodles ..11Eggplant ..16Eggs ..31Enchilada(s) ..6English peas ..16Equipment and Product testing ..28Escarole ..19Everything-Bagel Pigs in a Blanket ..7FFarro ..16Fat back ..31Fat separators ..9Fava beans ..16Feta cheese storing ..3Fiddleheard ferns ..16Fillet mignon for grilling ..30Fish See also Shellfish ..4-5Fish sauce Asian ..215 Easy Recipes ..5Flank steak ..32Flour ..2Foil ..2Fontina-Rosemary Biscuits ..31Frankfurters See also Hot dogs ..16French fries BBQ ..21French Onion Soup Slow Cooker ..5Frostings See also Icings ..4Fudge Sauce Hot One Minute ..31Funnels separating eggs with ..2GGaeta olives ..16Ganache Chocolate ..IBCGarlic ..5Garlic press crushing anchovies with ..2Gelatin ..3Genoa Salami ..16German (cooking) ..18-19German Chocolate Cake Reduced-Fat ..4Getting to Know ..16Glazes ..17Globe eggplant ..16Globe radishes ..16Gloves rubber covering ends of brooms or mop handles with fingers of ..2Gluten development vinegar and ..3Goat Cheese Ball Lemon-Herb ..5Golden syrup ..16Gordal olives ..16Gorgonzola-Pear-Walnut Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches for a Crowd ..7Graffiti eggplant ..16Grains. See also specific grains getting to know ..16Granulated sugar ..32Grape-Nuts Banana Bread ..32Grasshopper Ice Cream Cake ..IBCGratin Caramelized Onion and Potato Gravy ..17Great American Cake ..IBCGreen (beans) ..6Greens See also specific greens hearty removing the ribs from ..2Green salad (Test Kitchen Cooking Class ..30Grill-Braised Short Ribs ..19Grilled (food) ..7Grill grates cleaning with halved raw potato ..2Grilling ..30Grill tongs ..30Grills ..16Gruyere cheese ..16Guinness Beef Stew Speedy ..RCGumbo ..20-21Gumdrop Cookies Mama s ..10HHam ..15Hash Browns Steakhouse ..18Hazelnut-Lemon Cued Kisses ..8Heath Toffee bits in Blackberry Bliss Bars ..9Herb(s) See also specific herbs ..30Hobo Packs Grilled Potato ..18Hollywood-Style Chili ..24-25Hominy ..23Honey ..16Horseradish Mash ..RCHot chocolate Rich and Creamy ..15Hot dog buns steaming ..2Hot dogs ..16Hot Fudge Sauce One Minute ..31IIcebox Cheesecake Lemon ..24-26Icebox Key Lime Pie Reduced-Fat ..4Ice cream ..IBCIce cream scoops portioning muffin and cupcake batter with ..31Icings See also Frostings ..IBCImmersion blenders ..2Indian baby eggplant ..16Insulated food carriers rating of ..21International House of Pancakes ..15Italian (cooking) ..5Italian eggplant ..16JJam(s) Blackberry ..25-25Japanese eggplant ..16Joe Booker stew (Beef Stew with Dumplings) ..8-9Johnny Marzetti ..25KKalamata olives ..16Kansas City Barbecued Brisket ..18-19Key Lime Pie Icebox Reduced Fat ..4Kidney beans ..RCKielbasa ..16Knackwurst ..16LLabels removing ..2Lane Cake ..24-25Leek(s) ..16Lemon ..26-27Ligurian olives ..16Lime ..10Linguica ..16Liquid smoke ..31Loaded Carbonara ..RCLong Boy Cheeseburgers ..17Looking for a Recipe ..32Louisiana Long Green eggplant ..16MMacaroni ..20-21Mace substituting nutmeg for ..3Make Ahead ..7Manzanilla olives ..16Maple (syrup) ..16Marsala Pork Saut ..RCMarshmallow(s) ..IBCMaryland Crab Cakes ..17Mayonnaise jars making flour shaker with ..2Measuring cups adjustable making perfectly round slice-and-bake cookies with ..2Meat. See also Beef Ham Pork Sausage(s) Steak(s) lean reheating ..3Meatballs and Noodles in Creamy Herb Sauce ..RCMeatloaf in Long Boy Cheeseburgers ..17Meat tenderizer ..5Mediterranean Grilled Thin-Cut Pork Chops ..14Meringue pie lemon Shrinking of meringue on ..3Mexican (cooking) See also Tex-Mex (cooking) ..16Michigan Pasties ..9Milk ..3Millet ..16Minestrone Slow-Cooker ..6Mint ..IBCMission olives ..16Mocha ..7Morels ..16Morning Buns ..26-27Mozzarella cheese in Antipasto Cheese Ball ..5Muffaletta Calzones ..RCMuffins ..2Muffin tins ..31Mushroom(s) ..11Mustard ..21NNashville Hot Fried Chicken ..8-9New Mexican Pork Stew (Posole) ..22-23New Orleans cooking ..20-21Nicoise olives ..16Noodle(s) See also pasta ..RCNorth Jersey Texas Weiner Sauce ..32Nutmeg as a mace substitute ..3Nuts See also specific nuts chopped divided by size ..2Nutty Chocolate-Raspberry ..11OOat(meal)(s) ..16Offset spatulas mini ..31Oil-cured olives ..16Oils for frying tasting of ..30Oklahoma (cooking) ..8-9Okra in Gumbo ..20-21Olive(s) ..RCOnions(s) ..12Orange ..25Orzo Skillet Italian Chicken with ..RCOven bags ..9PPancakes(s) ..2Panini ..RCPapaya extracts in meat tenderizer ..5Paper-bag cookery ..9Parchment paper ..6Parmesan (cheese) ..10Parsley ..31Pasta See also Macaroni Noodle(s) ..RCPasties Michigan ..9Pastry freezing butter for use in ..2Pastry brushes rating of ..28Patriotic Poke Cake ..IBCPeach ..22Peanut(s) ..27Pearl barley ..16Pear-Walnut-Gorgonzola Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for a Crowd ..7Peas ..21Pea tendrils ..16Pecan(s) ..4Pepper (corn)(s) ..31Pepper(s) ..5Pepper Jack cheese in Cheesy Chipotle Crispy Garlic Bread ..5Peppermint Chocolate Sandwiches ..9Pepperoni ..16Pepper Shakers no-mess loading of ..2Pesto ..7Picholine olives ..16Pickle(s) ..32Pie(s) ..2Pigs in a Blanket ..7Pimento Cheeseburgers ..20-21Pineapple extracts in meat tenderizer ..5Pink beans in Meaty Baked Beans ..23Pinto bean(s) ..24-25Pita Panini Roast Chicken with Cucumber-Olive Salad ..RCPizza ..12-13Pizza peels cleaning ..3Pizza stones cleaning ..3Pizza wheels ..25Plastic containers hinged reusing for herbs ..2Plastic storage containers ..2Poke Cake Patriotic ..IBCPolenta ..16Popcorn Butter Toffee ..32Pork See also Bacon Ham Sausage(s) chops ..24-25Porterhouse steaks for grilling ..30Portobello mushrooms ..4-5Posole (New Mexican Pork Stew) ..22-23Potato (es) ..15Pot Roast German (Sauerbraten) ..18-19Prince s Hot Chicken Shack (Nashville) ..9Propane tanks measuring level of gas in ..3Provolone cheese in Antipasto Cheese Ball ..5Puddings ..26-27Puff pastry faux in Morning Buns ..26-27Pulled pork for Two ..7QQuinoaRRack pan setup ..30Radishes globe ..16Raisins golden ..24-25Ramps ..16Ranch-Bacon Cheese Ball ..5Raspberry ..11Ravioli Cheesy Toasted with Pesto ..RC Recipe Cards ..RCRecipe Revival Creamy Tapioca Pudding ..25Recipes hanging from cabinets ..2Reduced-fat recipes. See Recipe MakeoverRelishes ..RCRib-eye steaks for grilling ..30Rice ..RCRice cookers mimicking with slow cooker ..30Rice Krispies Balls Coconut- Date ..32Risotto ..23Roast Beef with Gravy Grandma s ..13Rolling pins ..13Rolls Cloverleaf ..10Rosemary ..RCRouladen Beef ..32Roux ..20Rutabagas turnips vs. ..31SSt-Louis-Style Pizza ..24-25Salads ..RCSalad-spinners rating of ..30Salami ..5Salsa(s) ..7Salt(ed) ..32Salt pork ..31Salt shakers no-mess loading of ..2Sandwiches ..RCSaucepans 4-quart ..31Sauces ..9Sauerbraten (German Pot Roast) ..18-19Sausage(s) ..20-21Scallion-Cheddar Biscuits ..31Scalloped Corn ..13Scalloped Potatoes Slow-Cooker ..6Scones Scottish Potato ..32Shallots Roasted Potatoes and ..RCSheet pans fitting foil perfectly into ..2Shellfish ..17Shells Reduced-Fat Stuffed with Meat Sauce ..4-5Shepard s Pie Make-Ahead ..5Shitakes Asparagus and ..RCShortcakes Strawberry Reduced-Fat ..4Short Ribs Grill-Braised ..19Shrimp ..RCSide dishes. See also Salsa(s) ..RCSilicone cookie sheet liners storing ..1Skewers soaked freezing.....2Skillet suppers ..RCSlow cookers ..RCSmoked (food) ..18-19Smoothies using leftover cranberry sauce in ..2Snowball Cake Chocolate ..IBCSorghum syrup ..16Soups ..11Sour cream ..29Southern (cooking) ..24-25Southwestern (cooking) ..23Spaetzle Buttered ..19Spaetzle press homemade ..19Spanish-Style Grilled Potato Hobo Packs ..18Spareribs ..14-15Sparkling Coffee Snowflakes ..10Spatulas mini offset ..31Spice(s).....24-25Spicy Pesto Crispy Garlic Bread ..14Spicy Thai Grilled Thin-Cut Pork Chops ..14Spinach Salad Springtime ..13Spoons slotted ..31Spring vegetables getting to know ..16Stack cakes origins of ..27Star anise ..29Starters and savory nibbles ..5Steak(s) ..RCSteakhouse Hash Browns ..18Steamers monitoring water level in ..2Stews ..8-9Stir-fry(ied) ..RCStorage Tips ..2Strainers fine-mesh ..31Strawberry(ies) ..IBCStreusel ..2Strip steaks ..RCStroganoff ..4-5Stuffing-----RCSub Cheesesteak Quick ..RCSugars ..16Sunbeam Mixmaster ..13Swedish Pancakes ..14-15Sweet-and-sour ..21Sweet Potato Wedges Roasted ..10Swiss chard in Slow-Cooker Minestrone ..6Swiss cheese ..31Syrups getting to know ..16TTacos Grilled Chicken with Salsa Verde ..RCTapioca Pudding Creamy ..25Tart Potato Cheese and Onion ..RCTartar Sauce Reduced-Fat ..4-5Taste Tests ..29T-bone steaks for grilling ..30Tea smoking spareribs with ..15Tea strainers for dusting with flour ..2Testing. See Equipment and product Taste tests. Test Kitchen Cooking Class ..30-31Texas North Jersey Weiner Sauce ..32Tex-Mex (cooking) ..6Thai eggplant ..16Thai Spicy Grilled Thin-Cut Pork Chops ..14Thermometers ..3030-minute suppers. See Recipe cardsThree-Bean Salad ..19Thyme ..31Timers kitchen ..31Toasters two-slot rating of ..28Toffee Butter Popcorn ..32Tomatillos in Salsa Verde ..RCTomato(es) ..32Tongs ..30Tortillas ..6Transporting food ..25Tuna Salad Best ..17Tubinado sugar ..16Turkey ..8-9Turnips rutabagas vs. ..31UUtica N.Y. (cooking) ..18-19 Utica Club beer television ad campaign for ..19VVanilla Extracts in baked goods difference made by ..3Vegetables. See also Side dishes specific vegetables ..23Vermicelli Rice Pilaf with Mushrooms and ..16Vietnamese Influence on New Orleans ..21Vinaigrettes. Basic (Test Kitchen Cooking Class) ..36WWaffles reheatingWalnut(s) ..2 Washington Cream Pie ..IBCWatercress ..16Watermelon slicing or chopping without a mess ..2Wax beans in Three-Bean Salad ..19Wheat berries ..16Whipped cream stabilizing ..3Whipped Topping Reduced-Fat ..3White asparagus ..26White bean(s) Minestrone Slow-Cooker ..6White Chocolate ..9White eggplant ..10White pepper ..29White Rice ..21White whole-wheat flour ..3Weiner Sauce North Jersey Texas ..32Wild Rice ..16Wine coolers improvised ..2YYellow Cake Mix Make-Ahead ..6Yogurt ..29Yorkshire Pudding ..14-15ZZipper-lock bags freezer vs. regular ..3Zucchini in Slow-Cooker Minestrone ..6Perfect for long-term reference the Cook s Country 2010 Annual contains all six of the 2010 issues bound in one sturdy plaid-covered edition. Bound inside you ll also find an invaluable 2010 Recipe and Article Index to help search a year s worth of test kitchen recipes and cooking information- fast. The Cook s Country 2010 Annual is loaded with more than 250 easy weeknight home-style recipes - including Cool and Creamy Macaroni Salad Barbecued Dry-Rubbed Chicken Grilled Thin-Cut Pork Chops Banana Pudding Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes Almond-Crusted Chicken Make-Ahead Shepherd s Pie Slow-Cooker Sticky Wings Reduced-Fat German Chocolate Cake Peanut Noodle Salad Grilled Flanksteak with Charred Sweet Onion Relish Pimento Cheeseburgers Lemon Icebox Cheesecake Chicken and Stuffing Bake Crispy Garlic Bread Slow-Cooker Green Bean Casserole Speedy Guiness Beef Stew Blackberry Jam Cake Butter Toffee Popcorn and Grape-Nuts Banana Bread. With a full year of Cook s Country recipes quick tips and ratings in one convenient comprehensive edition the Cook s Country 2010 Annual is a great resource for the kitchen and an excellent addition to any cookbook library.Hardcover 192 pages ISBN-13 978-1-933615-76-9



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